Software & Technical Skills

  • 3D Modeling, Animation & Rendering: 3DSMax ; ZBrush ; Mental Ray ; Sketchup ; Lumion ; Blender ; Wings ; P.O.V.ray

  • Programming & Real Time Scripting: Python ; Blender Game Engine ; MAXScript

  • Web Technologies:  CMS (Joomla ; Spip ; Wordpress) ; Flash ; Burster 
  • 2D Work: Gimp ; Alchemy ; MyPaint ; Inkscape ; Photoshop

  • Video Editing: Adobe Première ; Sony Végas ; Casablanca workstations

  • Sound Editing: Adobe Audition; Soundbooth ; Sony Soundforge ; Audacity

  • Compositing: Combustion ; After effects ; Digital Fusion ; Boujou; Voodoo

  • Live Action Shooting: Canon XL1 ; Sony DSR 150 ; DSR 300 ; 8mm film ; éclairages pro

  • Photography: Manual reflex cameras ; Dark room Development

  • Operating Systems & Office Work: Word ; OpenOffice ; Excel ; PowerPoint ; Windows 7 / XP / 3.1 ; Linux



2012-Current:      3D Modeling and Geomatics for Métropole Nice Côte d'Azur:

  • Improving the level of detail of an exhaustive 3D model of the whole territory, modeling various 3D projects,  providing hotline help to 3D and GIS tools users.


2011-2012:            Mediator in digital fields for ZOOMACOM:

  • Scheduling and Animating multimedia workshops.


2008-2010:          3D Instructor for ARIES:

  • Modeling, UV, skinning, animation, rendering, editing, DVD authoring, compositing, initiation to scripting, supervision and tutoring end of terms projects

2001-2006:          Short movies directed:

  • 2 fictions screened at the Festival de Premiers Films de Valbonne and the rencontres Cinéma et Video de Nice

  • 1 fiction produced by Regard Indépendant, shot on film and digitized, screened at the 4th Nice European Short Films Festival (Héliotrope)

2005-2007:          Activity Leader for Planète Sciences:

  • Astronomy
  • Robotics
  • Mini-rockets
  • Events (national science day, etc.)

 2005:                 B.A.F.A. 

2004:                  Creation of an Acting workshop, Logo Animation

2003:                  Camera Operator and technical consultant for A.M.I. communications

2002:                  Short movie direction and editing for A.M.I. Communications.




2000-2010:          Digital arts workshops:

  • CGWorkshops MAXScript Fundamentals (Michèle Bousquet, Borislav Petrov)
  • CGWorkshops Cybergirl (Steven Stahlberg)
  • IMAL Bruxelles Blender Game Engine (Julian Oliver)  
  • ECM Carré d'Art Nîmes Pure Data (Labomedia)
  • Cinémathèque de Nice Discovering Animation (Folimage)

2004-2005:           University Degree, 3D Animation - Visual Effects, ILOI (Institut de l'Image de l'Océan Indien)

  • Autodesk certified training (4 years post-diploma) in partnership with CNAM and University of Réunion, by Jean Yves Arboit and his team (SME for Supinfocom)

2001-2004:           LLCE Bachelor, English Media Culture course, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

2000-2001:           Bac L (A-Levels), with Audiovisual and Visual Arts subjects


Centers of Interest

  • Languages: English ; French ; Italian

  • Travels: England; Belgium; Italy; Spain; Senegal; Malaysia; Australia; Mauritius; Reunion; Mayotte

  • Hobbies: Cinema; Series; Tales; Short stories; Comics; Theater; Running (1500m); Snowboard

  • Open Source Communities: Contributions; Documentation; Forums
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